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Technical Profile

Three-E operates in Libya providing services to the energy sector. Oilfield, Engineering and Environmental Services are our core business. We are a multidisciplinary organization capable of offering effective “fit for purpose” or “regulatory” solutions to our customer’s needs.

Our activities in Libya benefit from the technical, operational and scientific support of international companies operating in Europe, USA, North Africa and Middle East, with a wide variety of products and services oriented to the Energy sector. DWM & RigSite – Industrial – Marine – Engineering – Rentals – Sales are among the several lines of services for the Oil and Gas E&P activities that we can provide for.

Through our network of partners and with our own internal resources we are capable to design and develop services tailored to specific customer requirements.
Whilst the workshop in Libya can build and repair steel vessels, baskets, tanks, skips, our international partners including major shipyard, integrate our services in order to provide customer designed equipment including offshore installations. We are equipped to supply electro-mechanical industrial maintenance, civil works, grit blasting, painting, overhauling of various equipment including heat exchangers.

Our customer integrated ITC and CCTV security solutions can be run in total autonomy with self powered towers providing internet access, CCTV and remote alarm wireless. Our range of activities also includes detection, reduction and containment, collection transportation and treatment of contaminants for the energy sector and for industrial applications. We can design and manage waste facilities, treatment platforms built on purpose as well as complimentary security systems granting the safety of sites.

Our activities are performed at rig site, industrial plants, open sea, land and coastal areas and they include the following variety of services:

  •  Management-treatment-recycling and disposal of rig site and industrial wastes
  •  Environmental management of Rig Site Effluents
  •  Liquid Mud Plant and Field Tanks, Lagoon / Ponds Remediation
  •  Monitoring, prevention and remediation of pollution
  •  Transboundary movement of hazardous wastes according to ADR Basel convention
  •  Tank cleaning and hazardous tank reclamation with proprietary technology
  •  Power plants and Oil & Gas plants maintenance works
  •  Harbour and coastal dredging
  •  Marine surveying
  •  Offshore installation maintenance
  •  Environmental engineering
  •  Rental of equipment and machineries for environmental protection
  •  Rental of drilling and completion strings, HWDP, tubing, wash pipes
  •  Sales of drilling equipment and OCTG. Security Systems.

We at Three-E adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to create and provide our customers with technical and environmental sound solutions. Our management team carefully analyses project features, identifies potential hazards, evaluates consequences and provides engineering solutions to perform services safely and efficiently.

Three-E is an effective support to our customers for the many services we can provide, proposing innovative solutions with utmost concern to the environmental protection. We are extremely flexible in adapting to any single requirement and we are constantly looking for new partners bringing different experience and additional technology to the group.

Our Mission

Three-E is committed to provide its Customers with the highest Engineering and Environmental quality solutions and services with the aim of balancing the operational and financial objectives of the customer in order to apply to industrial and regulatory requirements.