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  • Energy



  • Rig Site & DWM Services

    Drilling Cuttings management (OBM & WBM) Solidification/Stabilization, Thermal D,

    Bioremediation Liquid Mud Plant management / DWM & Solid Control Equipment rentalMud Dehydration / Closed Loop Systems / Waste Water Treatment

    Waste Management stream: segregation, collection, disposal

    Manpower: Drilling / Geological / HS&E consultants / Full Rig Crew


    Drilling and completion strings, HWDP, Tubings, Wash pipes, BOPs (Saltire)

    Skips, Mini containers, Tanks, Baskets, Liquid Mud Plant, Custom designed vessels

    Trucks, Vacuum trucks, Cranes, Earth moving machines, Generators, Compressors

    Rental of Field Modules for wireless data communication ITC & security


    Steel Constructions in-house: Tanks, Skips, Piping Systems

    Direct Sales

    Rig Parts and spares, Drilling Equipment & accessories, OCTG

    Donaldson Industrial Filtration Solutions, Dust, Fume, Oil Mist collectors units,

    Solid Control equipment and spares, HSE Equipment, Washing Equipment

    Piping materials, Coated and insulated piping materials

    Tanks, skips, skids, baskets built on custom design.


  • Engineering services

    Environmental Studies / EIA 


    Engineering & Design of ITC & security systems


    Engineering & Design equipment and vehicles tracking and monitoring


    Manpower: ITC Researchers and HW and SW developers

    Industrial services

    Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance, Automation Control


    Flares management, supply, commissioning, upgrading and overhauling


    Industrial Waste management & Hazardous waste transboundary movements (ADR)


    NORM management: surveying, assessment, storage & monitoring


    PCBs management: decontamination, containment, storage & disposal


    Environmental Reclamation – Industrial sites – Polluted soils – Asbestos


    Gas & Pollutant monitoring and detection, hazardous substance presence mapping


    Tanks Fluidization and Cleaning & Hazardous Substances Tanks Cleaning


    Catalysts handling & regeneration (exportation & re-import)


    Heat exchanger overhauling, regenerating, inner painting


    Sand blasting / Grid blasting / High pressure cleaning / Painting


    Design supply and installation of Dust Filtering Systems (Donaldson)


    Engineering design, supply and installation of CCTV security systems & RFID


    Supply & management of equipment and vehicles tracking and monitoring


    Manpower: Electro-Mechanical Maintenance, Specialised welders, ITC specialists



  • Marine services

    Dredging / Bathymetric surveying


    Offshore Installation HS&E Maintenance, life rafts and lifeboats re-certification


    Geophysical & Environmental Surveying, EIA


    Underwater diving works, R.O.V. operations, sub-sea constructions & maintenance


    Oil spill response